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  • With this wooden log store you can continue to enjoy the warmth and homely atmosphere of your open fire while maintaining a perfectly organised supply of logs. This log store made of weather resistant spruce will keep your wood dry and protected. The visible grain on the spruce adds to the character of this piece.

  • This doormat scraper will make sure that your shoes and boots are spotless before you enter your home. Made of nylon on a wooden base, this scraper removes dirt with ease, leaving it outdoors. Available in two sizes, choose the one that best suits your doors at home.

  • This four-barrel blind brush is the answer for the cleaning of your venetian blinds at home. Crafted in Germany, this brush is made of oiled beechwood and has goat hair bristles. The barrels allow you to clean four sections of your blind at one time, speeding up the process greatly.

  • This classic French-inspired table and chairs set is designed for spaces of all sizes. Relax on your balcony with a cup of tea in the morning or have lunch on the patio with a friend. Fully foldable and made from high-quality steel, this two-seater set is truly a must-have piece that can be used indoors and outdoors.

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  • A fireplace or barbeque can be lit with ease using this wooden flame blower. Wood or barbeque briquettes will catch fire quickly by directing puffs at the fire through the aluminium pipe. This safe fire starting technique is also effective in getting embers glowing again.

  • An extendable cobweb duster for those hard to reach spots in your home. Crafted in Germany, this cobweb brush has horsehair head and an aluminium handle that extends out to 2 metres in length. The horsehair head is twisted in wire for extra strength

  • Made of natural beechwood, this fly swatter is a household must-have that you won't regret purchasing. This simple but effective swatter gets the job done while maintaining a visually pleasing aesthetic. Add this item to your household cleaning essentials.

  • This set is intended to help make your daily cleaning less trivial and more enjoyable. The dustpan is constructed from a piece of flat plastic, with an indentation created by a simple slit. It also has a hole, through which you can push the brush handle to hang the set on the wall. The brush is made of specially-produced wood and Chinese pig bristles.

  • This item features a slanted neck so that the brush can clean the trickiest parts of your glass decanters and other vases. It both cleans and dries, with its cotton tip and natural bristles. Made of beechwood, this brush is comfortable to hold.

  • Stop your door banging with this simple but effective oak door wedge with a pretty turned acorn motif knob. A long and wide wedge offers a reliable hold under many different doors. Keep your door open to welcome company or a fresh breeze into your abode. 

  • Made in Germany, this radiator brush is extremely flexible and is perfect for reaching under windowsills and other hard-to-reach places at home. The wire made of stainless steel makes it easily adjustable to your specific needs. Crafted with beechwood, the handle is comfortable to hold while the goat hair bristles are soft to touch.

  • Quirky gifts for the wine lover in your life! These ceramic wine breathers are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. We have a selection of hand-painted animals from cute cats to elegant elephants. You place the wine breather on top of your open bottle of wine and it lets the wine breathe while keeping away the fruit flies.

  • A small 50cm feather duster for general household dusting. It is beautifully finished with a leather trim and made from incredibly soft ostrich feathers. The natural static attracts the dust. To clean, simply shake the duster out of your windows.

  • Make the task of cleaning out your fire or stove less of a chore with this attractive fireside bucket in carbon. It holds all of the discarded ash until you are ready to take it outdoors while the tight-fitting lid keeps all the flyaways safely inside.

  • Dramatic colours & softer that ever felted wool

  • Crafted in Germany, this dust brush is an essential piece for cleaning behind cupboards and other hard-to-reach spots. Made of beechwood and soft goat hair bristles, this eco-friendly dusting solution is extremely flexible. 

  • This duck-shaped shoehorn has an extra-long handle to making putting on your shoes easier than ever. Made of oiled beechwood, this shoehorn protects the heels of your shoes without a need for bending over. The leather strap also makes this item easy to store after use.

  • This table crumb brush set is beautifully made from oiled wood and very practical. The small stainless steel pan and table brush are held together by magnets for easy storage. Keep your tables spotless with this charming set.

  • This robust storage box will prove itself indispensable in your garden at home. Made of grey washed spruce and a galvanised sheet metal lid, it can store a versatile amount of your belongings. This rustic style storage box is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Keep your wellies and shoes dry by the front door or protect some of your favourite books inside.

  • Beautiful botanical paperweight is a masterfully-crafted featuring an open thistle head cast in clear resin to protect and magnify the plant from all angles. Perfect on a desk or as an interesting gift.

  • Beautiful botanical paperweight is a masterfully-crafted featuring goastbeard head cast in clear resin to protect and magnify the plant from all angles. Perfect on a desk or as an interesting gift.

  • The perfect doorstop for hedgehog lovers. Made of oiled beechwood, this natural piece combines functionality with charm. The bassine fibre is also suitable for cleaning your shoes after a long day of work.

  • A cute hedgehog-themed shoe scraper for your front door. With natural bristles and an oiled beechwood body, this item blends charm with functionality. A quirky eye-catcher for your front door, the kids are bound to love this one!

  • This plant pot brush will effortlessly remove remnants of old soil or cobwebs from your flower pots. Made of oiled beechwood, this brush will keep your plant and flower pots spotless.

  • Be kind to your cashmere sweater collection with this bristle brush specifically designed to clean your cashmere garments with care. The inner black bristles are stiff while being surrounded by an outer layer of lighter and softer bristles.

  • This brush is specifically designed for car and bike wheels. Thanks to its curved shape you can easily reach and clean all dirty areas from the guard plate, to spokes, to car rims. The small brush is especially suited for the cleaning of gear rings. The brush itself can be cleaned in the soap solution.

  • This feather duster with its telescopic handle is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach spots. Its long handle is great for dusting cobwebs from stairwells and tall ceilings in your home. The lightweight ostrich feathers are ideal for cleaning more delicate pieces and smaller items.

  • A long feather duster made from white ostrich feathers with a wooden and leather handle. Perfect for dusting cobwebs from ceilings and lampshades as well as high, hard-to-reach places. Beautifully finished with leather trimming. Made from incredibly soft ostrich feathers, the natural static attracts dust and keeps it in a bind.

  • This natural sponge is gentle on the skin and comes with a cute wooden duckling attached. Use this sponge daily for soft and clean skin. This item is a wonderful gift for new homeowners or new parents.

  • Perfect for quick and careful dusting of books & bookshelves. A great gift for book lovers. Pair it with their favourite book for a perfect birthday present.

  • This shoe cleaner and built-in bootjack makes cleaning and removing your shoes a fast yet simple task. Made of oiled oak and arenga fibre, this bootjack will remove any stubborn dirt or grime particles. This multifunctional piece will save you from having to bend over to remove your boots or shoes.

  • Dust can easily collect on houseplant leaves, especially those with large leaves, making the plants appear dull and colourless. With this clever brush, you can press the two delicate goat hair brushes together using the stainless steel tongs. Pass them over both sides of the leaf to remove any dirt or dust on your beloved indoor plants.

  • This dryer brush is perfect for traditional style radiators or bathroom towel railings. Crafted in Germany, this item is made of beechwood and dark goat hair bristle. Dust those hard-to-reach spots in your home with ease.

  • In a charming hedgehog silhouette, this table brush is a household essential. Made of oiled beechwood, this natural cleaning piece will remove table crumbs immediately. Using black horsehair, this table brush will keep your surfaces spotless.

  • These wooden tongs are a practical gadget to get your toast out of the toaster without burning your fingers. A great little add-on gift to bring as a housewarming present for friends or family. Indeed, this eco-friendly kitchen tool will make your morning routine that much easier.

  • This 3-piece brush set is the perfect starter kit for cleaning the sinks in your bathroom or kitchen at home. The overflow brush is curved for easy cleaning of washbasins and baths. The drain bush with natural bristles can remove dirt and grime flawlessly. The hair extractor is the ideal length for reaching into plug holes.

  • Designed as a narrow version of our traditional log store this piece is perfect for tight spaces, courtyards, and smaller gardens. With this wooden log store you can continue to enjoy the warmth and homely atmosphere of your open fire while maintaining an organised supply of logs. Made of weather resistant spruce, it will keep your wood dry and protected.

  • An elegant and striking coat stand made of natural hardwood. It includes wooden pegs for hanging coats, hats, and scarves as well as a central hole for hanging your umbrella or walking stick. This stand would even look beautiful as a piece of stand-alone furniture.

  • Hide and store your bins in a stylish manner. This garden storage unit is designed to store two of your rubbish or recycling bins. Keep them safe and hide them from view in this stained spruce unit. This storage house also has a clever "Quick Load" gap over its doors to put small bags into bins. 

  • These elegant balloon bowls come in a selection of shapes and sizes. A dark matt finish on the outside of the bowl is contrasted with the vibrant colours on the inside in a glazed finish. These ceramic bowls make beautiful wedding gifts, for use as salad bowls, or for pasta dishes. Handmade in France. Currently available in a pale grey interior, a...

  • This narrow oak console table is an essential piece for your hallway or home office. The grey-painted drawer fronts are a lovely contrast with the oiled oak timber of the desk. The compact proportions of this table are ideal for smaller living spaces.

  • A small rectangular laminated timber tray in a botanical-themed design. Illustrations of ferns in varying shades of green feature are on the top surface of your tray. Indeed, it is the perfect size for carrying your morning coffee and a tasty biscuit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • This metal napkin holder made in Sweden is a beautiful way to display your paper napkins in your kitchen or dining space. This durable holder in black will effortlessly add a touch of modernity without compromising on functionality. The cute cat pattern would make it a great gift for cat lovers.

  • Made in Sweden, this romantic-style candleholder is a true statement piece for any sideboard or dining room table. This modern candelabra design holds three candles, with miniature lovebirds decorating its body. Crafted of iron in black, this freestanding item is durable and will stand the test of time.

  • Made in Sweden, this modern candleholder is a true statement piece for any sideboard or dining room table. This metal candlestick makes a beautiful wedding or engagement gift. The silhouette of the couple kissing gives it a romantic air. Crafted of iron in black, this freestanding item is durable and will stand the test of time.

  • Black Metal Napkin Holder.  Sheep and Lambs themed design. A lovely gift for animal lovers, or the farmer in your life!

  • Crafted in Germany, this duster is made using pure lambswool. The natural lanolin present in the lambswool means it attracts dust without needing to use any chemicals. Perfect for an eco-friendly home, the soft finish makes it perfect for dusting delicate household items as it won't scratch any fine surfaces. Use it to clean vases and china.

  • A beautifully crafted dustpan and brush set. Made in Germany, this beechwood set has a long handle that makes it easy to sweep any dirt or dust. The durable dustpan is made of stainless steel which means it will be a long-lasting piece for your home. Indeed, this self-standing set is a true game-changer.

  • A set of five different sized cleaning brushes for your kitchen and household cleaning. The cotton tipped ends on each brush make them suitable for gentle cleaning. Additionally, flexible wire handles are ideal for cleaning those hard to find spots. The bottle brushes can clean your delicate glasses and decanters.

  • A bottle brush that is perfect for cleaning soda bottles, reusable drinks bottles and even baby bottles. 38cm in length, it is ideal for tall glass bottles as well as vases. With a beechwood handle, it is comfortable to hold while the fibre bristles are long-wearing.

  • A self-standing dust brush ideal for sensitive surfaces. The goat's hair bristles make this little dust brush perfect for cleaning delicate items like fine china or decorations. Made of oiled beechwood, this brush is comfortable to hold and maneuver. 

  • A lovely sickle shaped dust brush made from goats hair and waxed beechwood.

  • Handcrafted in Germany, this elegant duster is truly an essential piece to add to your home cleaning routine. This goat-hair duster had a beautifully turned timber handle. The duster head has two holes for the handle so you can change the angle to get into those hard-to-reach spots.

  • Made in Germany, this espresso cleaning brush will keep your coffee machine clean and pristine. Crafted from oiled thermowood with stiff black bristles, this curved brush will keep your espresso machine in supreme condition. It is the ideal gift for coffee lovers alike.

  • Branded as the 'natural magnet', this lint and pet hair brush is very useful to have around the house. Remove unwanted animal hairs and dandruff with ease from your clothes and furnishings without damaging fabrics. A great gift for pet owners in particular.

  • These cedarwood hooks for your wardrobe offer natural protection from moths all year-round. Environmentally friendly, this repellent method is 100% sustainable. The aroma of the cedarwood is also very pleasing on the senses. Hang them in your wardrobe or place them in your cupboards.

  • Made in Germany, this compact brush is designed to clean velcro flawlessly. Crafted of beechwood and wire, this brush will remove any dirt or fluff that has gathered on your velcro fasteners. Indeed, this brush will ensure that the quality of your velcro is maintained. 

  • A clever brush designed to clean your wine glasses flawlessly. Get your wine glasses sparkling clean and save yourself time and energy with this uniquely shaped brush. Indeed, this item is a household cleaning solution that truly makes your life easier. Pair this with a bottle of wine for a thoughtful hostess gift.

  • A natural fibre soap sack to use up your leftover soap remnants. It is an eco-friendly way to use any leftover soap remains. For the eco-conscious home, this sack is made of sisal fibre with a cotton rope.

  • This beautiful white pumice stone is a shower essential. Use with a little water to remove calluses from your hands or feet to leave a softer skin texture. This natural lava stone is an eco-friendly way to raise your hygiene standards.

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