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  • A beautifully crafted dustpan and brush set. Timber handled brush and dustpan. An elegant addition to any home. Its long handle enables easy sweeping.

  • A natural pot scrubber. This pot scrubber is made from rice root, a simple natural way to clean your kitchen pots or wok. Keeping your kitchen eco-friendly.

  • A set of five different sized cleaning brushes for your kitchen and household cleaning. Cotton tipped ends on each brush make them suitable for gentle cleaning. Flexible wire handles to clean those hard to find spots. Bottle brushes to clean your glass and decanters.

  • A bottle brush, perfect for cleaning soda bottles, reusable drinks bottles and even baby bottles. 38cm log, ideal for tall glass bottles and vases too. 8cm diameter

  • A double brush of goats hair and black bristles. This little brush is an essential purchase for anyone with a laptop or keyboard. The computer brush folds out into two brushes. One softer bristled goats hair the other a harder bristle. Use the little laptop brush to clean your keyboard. A great gift for all computer geeks.

  • Introducing the floating broom. A statement design piece for your kitchen. This horsehair broom comes with a magnetic fixing and a wall bracket, which means that it effectively looks like it is floating on your wall. The matching dustpan hangs on the wall bracket and has a handy foot rest that you can use to hold the dustpan while you sweep.

  • A self standing dust brush ideal for sensitive surfaces. The goats hair bristles make this little dust brush perfect for cleaning delicate items like fine china or decorations.

  • A lovely sickle shaped dust brush made from goats hair and waxed beechwood.

  • An elegant duster to add to your home cleaning routine. This goat-hair duster had a beautifully turned timber handle. The goats hair duster head has two holes for the handle so you can change the angle to get into those hard to reach spots.

  • Clean your coffee maker with this espresso cleaning brush. Made from oiled thermowood with stiff black bristles to keep your espresso machine in tip top shape. A great gift for coffee addicts.

  • Lint and pet hair brush.  The perfect present for house proud animal lovers. Remove unwanted animal hairs from your clothes and furnishings  without damaging fabrics. A great gift for pet owners.

  • Natural protection from moths. Cedar wood hangers for your wardrobe. Natural household solutions for an eco friendly home. 

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