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  • This red butterfly hibernation house is designed in the style of a Swedish coastal shipping lookout house. It has what hibernating butterflies need for dwelling and protection, as well as giving the garden a decorative touch all year round. The nest should be placed close to plants the butterflies are attracted to like lavender, flowerbeds, or nettles.

  • A dark pink stoneware vase. An elegant flower vase, perfect for displaying blooms from your garden. 20cm tall. 

  • This classic French-inspired table and chairs set is designed for spaces of all sizes. Relax on your balcony with a cup of tea in the morning or have lunch on the patio with a friend. Fully foldable and made from high-quality steel, this two-seater set is truly a must-have piece that can be used indoors and outdoors. 

  • A long handled sweeper brush made from oiled beechwood and light horsehair. A light soft beekeeper's broom and is just the right thing to use to free honeycombs and the edges of frames from bees. It's a gentle request for the bees to leave their place of work temporarily!

  • GIANT Silo Barn – The Extra Spacious Bird Feeder A traditional Swedish barn with two spacious silos attracts birdlife to your garden.

  • Hand woven green floor rugwith white detailing. Made from a soft wool cotton mix. Dry clean only. 170cm x 240cm.

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