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  • Made of pure cotton, this light green seat cushion will add another level of comfort as you sit down to relax at home. The inner cushion is made of recycled polyester to keep the filling in place. It is machine washable at 40 degrees which will maintain the superior quality of this seat cushion.

  • Smokey Blue Wool Throw. A lovely cosy woollen throw to add to your living room. Build on the dark warm tones of your colour palette with the deep blues of this wool throw.

  • A contemporary saffron wool throw is a great way to brighten up your living spaces. This eco wool throw comes in a fresh vibrant yellow with a diamond white fleck pattern, adding an element of sophistication to your home. Sustainably made from 100% lambswool, this lightweight and soft throw brings a timeless look that embodies high-quality craftsmanship. 

  • Wise Owl Green Felted Purse. This little zipped purse is ideal to carry in your hand and pop into your coat pocket. Its bright colour would make it a great gift for teenage girls.  A wise old owl design on a green felted background. 14 x 10cm

  • A small zipped purse with a white cat design on a black felted background. This is truly the perfect gift for cat lovers. Made of 100% wool, this hand-felted purse can store your coins in a safe place while you're out and about.

  • The Love Birds. Grey felt purse, with zipper closing. Cute little love birds in red and white on a grey background. A great gift for girls.  14 x 10cm

  • Forest Creatures, little bear, felted wool mobile. A lovely nursery decoration for your new baby's cot. A great gift for new babies too. All the little forest animals hang from a wool felted sleepy cloud. Pink rabbits, foxes, bears and big green trees all ready to entertain your little one.

  • This metal napkin holder made in Sweden is a beautiful way to display your paper napkins in your kitchen or dining space. This durable holder in black will effortlessly add a touch of modernity without compromising on functionality. The cute cat pattern would make it a great gift for cat lovers.

  • Made in Sweden, this romantic-style candleholder is a true statement piece for any sideboard or dining room table. This modern candelabra design holds three candles, with miniature lovebirds decorating its body. Crafted of iron in black, this freestanding item is durable and will stand the test of time.

  • Crafted in Germany, this duster is made using pure lambswool. The natural lanolin present in the lambswool means it attracts dust without needing to use any chemicals. Perfect for an eco-friendly home, the soft finish makes it perfect for dusting delicate household items as it won't scratch any fine surfaces. Use it to clean vases and china.

  • A beautifully crafted dustpan and brush set. Made in Germany, this beechwood set has a long handle that makes it easy to sweep any dirt or dust. The durable dustpan is made of stainless steel which means it will be a long-lasting piece for your home. Indeed, this self-standing set is a true game-changer.

  • An ostrich feather key fob is a lovely little addition to any gift. Practical and soft to the touch, it is a skin flatterer that doubles up as a key chain. Beautifully finished with leather trimming and made from incredibly soft ostrich feathers, the natural static attracts dust and keeps it in a bind.

  • A set of five different sized cleaning brushes for your kitchen and household cleaning. The cotton tipped ends on each brush make them suitable for gentle cleaning. Additionally, flexible wire handles are ideal for cleaning those hard to find spots. The bottle brushes can clean your delicate glasses and decanters.

  • A bottle brush that is perfect for cleaning soda bottles, reusable drinks bottles and even baby bottles. 38cm in length, it is ideal for tall glass bottles as well as vases. With a beechwood handle, it is comfortable to hold while the fibre bristles are long-wearing.

  • A double brush of goats hair and black bristles. This little brush is an essential purchase for anyone with a laptop or keyboard. The computer brush folds out into two brushes. One softer bristled goats hair the other a harder bristle. Use the little laptop brush to clean your keyboard. A great gift for all computer geeks.

  • A self-standing dust brush ideal for sensitive surfaces. The goat's hair bristles make this little dust brush perfect for cleaning delicate items like fine china or decorations. Made of oiled beechwood, this brush is comfortable to hold and maneuver. 

  • Handcrafted in Germany, this elegant duster is truly an essential piece to add to your home cleaning routine. This goat-hair duster had a beautifully turned timber handle. The duster head has two holes for the handle so you can change the angle to get into those hard-to-reach spots.

  • Made in Germany, this espresso cleaning brush will keep your coffee machine clean and pristine. Crafted from oiled thermowood with stiff black bristles, this curved brush will keep your espresso machine in supreme condition. It is the ideal gift for coffee lovers alike.

  • Branded as the 'natural magnet', this lint and pet hair brush is very useful to have around the house. Remove unwanted animal hairs and dandruff with ease from your clothes and furnishings without damaging fabrics. A great gift for pet owners in particular.

  • A pet grooming brush for your beloved cat. The soft bristles on this wooden brush will swiftly remove any dirt as well as untangle the knots on your pet's fur coat. This brush is an ideal gift for any cat owner. 

  • A pet grooming brush for your beloved dog. This double-sided brush has both hard and soft bristles that combat knots and dirt particles on your pet's fur coat. Made of beechwood, this grooming item is the perfect gift for friends and family with furry companions at home.

  • Made in Germany, this compact brush is designed to clean velcro flawlessly. Crafted of beechwood and wire, this brush will remove any dirt or fluff that has gathered on your velcro fasteners. Indeed, this brush will ensure that the quality of your velcro is maintained. 

  • A clever brush designed to clean your wine glasses flawlessly. Get your wine glasses sparkling clean and save yourself time and energy with this uniquely shaped brush. Indeed, this item is a household cleaning solution that truly makes your life easier. Pair this with a bottle of wine for a thoughtful hostess gift.

  • A mini feather duster made from ostrich feathers with a thermowood and leather handle. Perfect for dusting cobwebs but can also be used for massage and stimulation. Beautifully finished with leather trimming. Made from incredibly soft ostrich feathers, the natural static attracts dust and keeps it in a bind.

  • A dark thermowood hairbrush with wild boar bristles. A high quality hair brush with ten rows of bristles. The round structure of the brush is perfect for styling your hair while you brush. The wild boar bristles are also extremely heat resistant which is perfect for blow drying.

  • A beautifully hand-crafted timber hairbrush designed specifically for babies up to 1-year-old. The soft goat hair bristles make it ideal for young babies. The olive wood has a high oil content, making it water-repellent and non-slip. Give this item as a Christening present, a baby shower gift, or buy it for your firstborn to keep as a memento for years to...

  • A waxed olive wood child's hairbrush. Suitable for ages 1 and upwards, the soft light bristles are perfect for the thicker hair of young children. The high oil content of olive wood makes it non-slip and water repellent. This wooden hairbrush would make a lovely first birthday present, a gift for your child, or your favourite niece or nephew.

  • This orange handwoven rug in a geometric pattern is made of high-quality wool from New Zealand and pure cotton. Woven on traditional Punja weaving looms by experienced weavers, this rug blends durability with authentic beauty and will look stunning in your living space. This dhurry rug is pre-washed in water. It is recommended to use a rug grip in tandem...

  • This simplistic magazine rack is the perfect way to keep your favourite newspapers, catalogues, and magazines organised. Made of raw oak, this rack features a tapered design that provides ample storage. The cut-out handles make this item easy to transport while the flat base means that it can be placed anywhere at home. 

  • A set of small granite bowls for serving salt and pepper. Tableware for the modern home, this condiment set makes a lovely hostess gift or a stocking filler for an aspiring chef. Made from natural raw granite, it is a statement piece for your dining table. The two pinch pots each come with their own bamboo scoops.

  • An oiled beech shoe horn handmade in Sweden.  Gifts for Dad, the perfect stocking filler for men this Christmas. These shoehorns have a sturdy leather strap to hang them from. Practical gifts for the home.

  • A winter lake scene, in a reversible blanket design This eco wool grey blanket is the perfect cosy companion this winter season. Perfect for beds or your living room sofa. Home gifts for mum this Christmas.

  • A modern industrial-style umbrella stand that will compliment your home decor. Designed to be space-efficient, this umbrella stand is perfect for any urban (or country) home. Not just for umbrellas, it is perfect to store your stray hockey sticks too! An ideal new home gift for someone who appreciates the practical piece.

  • This fireside dustpan and brush set is a great home accessory to make sure you are winter-ready. The brush is made from FSC certified beech while the dustpan is crafted from steel painted a matt black. The bristles should be used for sweeping cold ashes only. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this set is easy to grip and maneuver.

  • This rustic style bench box is the perfect way to store your household items. Made of spruce, this bench box has a light grey wash that allows the natural wood grains to shine through. Featuring two cut-out handles on either side, this storage box is easy to maneuver. Keep your living room organised and clutter-free with this charming storage option. 

  • This charming shelf ladder can be used both in your garden or in your home. Its large size but varying shelf depth make it a great storage solution for when you are tight on space. Use this piece as a bookshelf or in your potting shed to store your garden tools. Made from spruce, this folding shelf ladder has an authentic rustic charm to it.

  • This charming shelf ladder can be used both in your garden or in your home. Its large size but varying shelf depth make it a great storage solution for when you are tight on space. Use this piece as a bookshelf or in your potting shed to store your garden tools. Made from spruce, this folding shelf ladder has an authentic rustic charm to it.

  • An elegant metal plant stand perfect to display your garden plant pots. It has three shelves of varying depths for different size plants. This steel plant stand with its raised storage makes it ideal for town gardens, or small terrace 

  • An extendable and wall-mounted timber clothes dryer in a painted finish. A charming and traditional drying solution for your kitchen. It is space-saving as it is mounted on the wall, only extending when you need it. This item is a must-have essential for cosy kitchens or pantries.

  • With a minimalist design, this heavy weight granite door stop is perfect for even the heaviest of doors. Paired with a sturdy hemp rope to move it into place, this door stop has a speckled grey appearance which will easily match with your home decor.

  • The perfect gift for the frequent flier in your life. A handy folding luggage rack to store your weekend suitcase. No more cluttering your bedroom floor, or bending down to sort through your luggage. And it folds away for easy storage.

  • Crafted from spruce, this eight-hole shoe locker is the perfect way to organise your shoe collection at home. Featuring a label underneath each cubby space, it has never been more effortless to sort your trainers, boots, and pumps. Suitable for indoor use only, this shoe locker is functional while adding an air of charm to any living space.

  • An outdoor thermometer made from galvanised steel. This weatherproof piece is hard-wearing and stylish at the same time. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, even in coastal locations, it is a great garden gift for your home.

  • This durable potting table made of spruce will take your love of gardening to the next level. Featuring three spacious drawers as well as a metal worktop station, this table has space for all gardening essentials. The rustic style of this table will add charm to your kitchen, utility room, potting shed, or garage.

  • A metal boot jack made from steel with a matt lacquer seal. A handy household essential to help you take your shoes and wellies off with ease. Industrial in style, it fits in with both modern and rustic home interiors. Its design is inspired by the stag beetle style boot jacks but in a more modern and streamlined style.

  • A stylish indoor watering can, perfect for taking care of your potted plants. Made from a classic galvanised steel this would make a great gift for the gardener in your life.

  • This simplistic bamboo chair combines functionality and style with ease. This curved seat is made of weaved PE bamboo featuring coated steel legs for added durability. Indeed, the airy woven design of this chair creates a feeling of lightness as you sit back and unwind.

  • This simplistic outdoor bench combines functionality and style with ease. This curved seat is made of weaved PE bamboo featuring coated steel legs for added durability. Suitable for two people, the airy woven design of this bench creates a feeling of lightness as you sit back and unwind. 

  • The tide clock is the perfect gift for swimmers and seaside friends. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, simply set the clock hand to full tide when there is a full tide at your beach and the clock will automatically do the rest. A great gift for your seaside holiday home, this clock is painted in a sophisticated blue shade.

  • A beard brush in a quirky moustache shape to add to your grooming kit. It is made from oiled beechwood with extra strong wild boar bristles. The best little gift for the bearded man in your life that they can use on a daily basis.

  • A handy little brush for cleaning your boot soles. Brush dirt off your hiking boots using the side with the coarse bristles. For narrower spaces, like between the cleats on soccer boots, use the extra hard side with only one row of bristles. For the extra stubborn dirt and stones, you can use the stainless steel tool on the side of the brush.

  • This lawnmower brush gives you a safe and efficient way of ensuring that your lawnmower is completely spotless. Made of oiled beechwood, this brush has extra stiff nylon bristles to remove any build-ups of dirt and grime. With an extra-long handle, this brush is comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

  • A brush that cleans your silverware collection in an eco-friendly manner. Use dry and brush back and forth across your silverware to get them sparkling in no time. The natural bristles can tackle any dirt or grime with ease.

  • A bath thermometer that would make a quirky little gift for a friend or family member. This cleverly designed item floats in the water so you can read the temperature easily. With a maximum temperature of 50 degrees, this thermometer is made of oiled beechwood and is filled with spirit of wine.

  • An eco-friendly cleaning solution, this set of two mini brushes cleans your hairbrushes and combs flawlessly. Both the tools have been designed to remove hairs and clean your brushes without damaging them. Keep your grooming collection fresh and well-maintained with this key set.

  • This 2-pack of eco chair spare ropes is made of hemp. The ends of the rope are taped for easy threading. They are also ready-cut to correct measures.

  • A handmade Christmas. This large carved timber polar bear is a beautiful minimalist Christmas decoration for your home. 

  • The perfect gift for birdwatchers, this item is a sleek modern bird feeder and birdbath in one. It sits on a stake that goes into the ground, with a matt stainless steel feeder/bath combo on top. In winter, the domed roof protects the feed from getting wet. Then, you can remove the roof to use it as a birdbath in the warmer months.

  • This dark grey toilet brush with an included holder is a key essential for every bathroom. A polished stainless steel handle with a soft-touch holder and a silicone lid make this brush very practical to work with when cleaning. The inside of the brush holder is also glazed for easy hygiene.

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