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  • A beautiful decorative ceramic plate, perfect for displaying your collection of ceramic bud vases on. The plate has an organic tear drop shape, with a two tones grey and white surface and radiating lines from the plates centre.

  • A large ceramic vessel perfectly suited for use as a vase with a glazed interior. This bottle neck vase has a white matt exterior with fine grey lines scratched into the surface giving it a delicate texture. A modern Scandinavian design for your home.

  • A miniature size bud vase. This handcrafted ceramic vessel has a white matt exterior with thin grey lines scratched into it surface giving it a subtle texture. The glazed interior makes it perfect to hold a single bud. Small in size, it would fit in the palm of your hand.

  • A decorative perfume vase with a long neck and stopper. This Swedish ceramic vase has a glazed interior so it can be used as a flower vase. It comes in two colours, grey or yellow. The surface has a scraped back texture to it revealing the colour underneath.

  • A modern Scandinavian ceramic vase in yellow and white colour tones. This two tone vase has a white matte exterior with scraped back textures to a yellow undertone. A beautiful handcrafted piece to display on your shelves or hold a posy of flowers in.

  • A small ceramic bud vase. The matt white exterior is decorated with small blue dots that run in vertical lines around the surface. A glazed interior means you can use it to hold a single bud. Scandinavian ceramics inspired by nature.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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