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  • With a minimalist design, this heavy weight granite door stop is perfect for even the heaviest of doors. Paired with a sturdy hemp rope to move it into place, this door stop has a speckled grey appearance which will easily match with your home decor.

  • This set of fireside tools has an antique brass finish as well as a soft matt look with a slight sheen. The set includes a tongs, dustpan, brush, and a poker. An ideal mix of modern and traditional, this set will keep your fire blazing while exuding a sense of luxury.

  • This set of Scandinavian inspired fireside tools makes a stunning wedding gift for home. It is a modern mix of materials, with timber and black matt metal blended together that gives a sleek overall finish. The black matt metal fire poker and coal scissors have looped handles for ease of grip. The dustpan and brush with beech handles will keep your...

  • A metal boot jack made from steel with a matt lacquer seal. A handy household essential to help you take your shoes and wellies off with ease. Industrial in style, it fits in with both modern and rustic home interiors. Its design is inspired by the stag beetle style boot jacks but in a more modern and streamlined style.

  • This lawnmower brush gives you a safe and efficient way of ensuring that your lawnmower is completely spotless. Made of oiled beechwood, this brush has extra stiff nylon bristles to remove any build-ups of dirt and grime. With an extra-long handle, this brush is comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

  • Made in Germany, this beechwood broom is available with heads of two different widths and varying horsehairs. The 28.5cm broom head has a dark horsehair head. The 30cm broom head is made from split horsehair which is particularly soft and therefore ideal for sweeping up fine dust. Split horsehair is especially soft and as a result, is ideal to sweep fine...

  • Rice straw broom, with an extra long 1.5m handle for maximum ease of use. As rice straw does not absorb water this broom is perfect for sweeping leaves and straw. A natural eco friendly broom for your garden and yard.

  • Made in Germany, this vegetable brush in a charming fish shape will cut down your prep time when preparing lunch or dinner at home. Indeed, it is excellent for cleaning both delicate and tough-skinned vegetables as it has a combination of both Tampico and union fibres. The leather strap also makes this brush easy to store away.    

  • Crafted in Germany, this compact brush is perfect for cleaning and washing your hairbrush collection. Made of oiled beechwood, this eco-friendly option is equipped with light yet strong bristles that can remove dirt with ease. 

  • A small wire brush designed for removing hair from hairbrushes and combs. With an oiled beechwood handle, this brush is comfortable to hold and maneuver. Keep your grooming collection fresh and well maintained with this key essential.

  • This miniature brush key fob for your keyring is the perfect gift for a loved one. Made with soft goat hair and untreated beechwood, this item is a natural option that is comfortable to hold. A practical hand flatterer, this key fob is a convenient grab-and-go item.

  • A large brown timber doormat with nylon bristles to clean your feet. This wide shoe scraper is ideal for large front door openings. This doormat scraper will make sure that your shoes and boots are spotless before you enter your home. 

  • An extra long extendable cobweb duster for those very hard to reach spots in your home. Brilliant for dusting tall ceilings and in stairways and halls. Made from horsehair bristles and an aluminium handle, it extends out from 1.5 metres all the way to 4 metres long. 

  • A five piece fireside tool set in black. This powder coated steel fire set has oak handles in black. A modern home essential for anyone with open fires or cosy stoves in their house. Your set includes a shovel, brush, poker and tongs. Each of the handles have integrated magnets which hold your fireside tools firmly in place.

  • Firewood storage with style. A matt black powder coated steel fire basket for fire logs and storage. This 24L capacity modern style fire basket comes with a wooden oak handle also painted black. There is also a matching fireside tool set. Dimensions below

  • This black doormat scraper will make sure that your shoes and boots are spotless before you enter your home. Made of nylon on a wooden base, this scraper removes dirt with ease, leaving it outdoors.

  • A long handled sweeper brush made from oiled beechwood and tampico fibres. With an extra long trim it is ideal for sweeping large areas all at once. Designed as a camping brush, it perfectly suited for sweeping off tent tarps and hard to reach areas. 

  • A long handled sweeper brush made from oiled beechwood and light horsehair. A light soft beekeeper's broom and is just the right thing to use to free honeycombs and the edges of frames from bees. It's a gentle request for the bees to leave their place of work temporarily!

  • A must have for record enthusiasts. Take care of your records with this extra soft and strong brush with goats hair.

  • Made in Germany this versatile garden furniture and outdoor brush easily brushes away dirt due to its particularly hard bristles.    

  • The crescent shape Hat Brush adapts to the shape of the hat whilst brushing. An excellent accessory to keep your hat clean and looking it's best! Comes with a small leather loop at the end of the handle for easy hanging.    

  • The thin wire does its job effectively without crushing the insect’s body armour. The Swat is an easy, environmentally friendly way of controlling nuisance flies.

  • Our sustainable beechwood bath brush effectively massages and exfoliates skin, creating a unique in-home spa experience. The long handle makes it easy to reach your back. 

  • The natural bristles on this ensures your hands and nails are as clean as you need them to be. Efficiently cleans dirty hands and thanks to the strong bristles fingernails can be cleaned with ease.

  • Our beard brush is designed to detangle your beard, pierce through the hair and exfoliate your skin. This reduces beard itching and smooths your beard. A must have for your beard grooming kit. Perfect gift for him.

  • Designed and made in Sweden, this bath brush is a must-have toiletry accessory for the home. Crafted by hand, this bath brush is made of a mixture of oil treated oak and horse hair which is soft and pliable yet sturdy and durable. Allow the brush to dry hanging or standing. 

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