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  • Blue Dot Floor Rug. A large tufted carpet with deep blue dots on a white background. A soft luxurious feel floor rug that will make a stunning centre piece in any room scheme.  180cm x 270cm

  • A large sized wool floor rug. Spicy yellow and off white colour scheme. The bold geometric pattern and vibrant yellow colour make this floor rug a statement piece for any home interior. 180cm x 270cm

  • A geometric style indigo blue and off white floor rug. A statement piece for your living room or bedroom. Large scale wool floor rug. 180cm x 272 cm in size

  • A dark grey and white large scale floor rug. Perfect for a living room or large floor space. You could use this floor rug under a dining table or in your sitting room space. The pattern is a repeating geometrical one in off white on a dark grey background. 180cm x 272cm

  • A large sized geometric pattern floor rug. This wool floor rug is in orange and off white colour tones. Add a pop of colour to your room scheme with this statement piece.  180cm x 272 cm in size

  • Dark Grey and Off White geometric style floor rug. A heavy weight wool floor rug with an off white geometric pattern on a dark grey background. An ideal finishing touch for any room scheme. 180cm x 272 cm in size

  • Beige cotton floor mat available in three sizes. A durable multi purpose floor rug.

  • Grey LOOM floor mat available in two sizes. Cotton floor rug.

  • Ralf Beige Floor Mat - 80x160cm

  • This herringbone pattern floor mat is made from recycled polyester and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Perfect to use as a door mat or in your hallway or mud room. This apricot orange colour comes in two sizes, small 50x80 and a larger 80x150cm size. An outdoor mat for your holiday home, make sure all the mud stays outside your house!

  • Indigo blue floor mat with a herringbone pattern throughout. This floor mat comes in two sizes, a small mat that would be perfect for your front door and a longer larger size one. The floor mats can be used both inside and outdoors. They are made from recycled plastic bottles and have a latex backing on them. A hard wearing rug for your home.

  • A Jute Floor Mat in a soft dark grey colour. Natural fibre floor furnishings, for an organic feel to your home interiors. The perfect size to use as a door mat in your hallway or kitchen. 

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