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  • A small ceramic bud vase. The matt white exterior is decorated with small blue dots that run in vertical lines around the surface. A glazed interior means you can use it to hold a single bud. Scandinavian ceramics inspired by nature.

  • This dark blue ceramic vessel has a textured matt exterior and a glazed interior. It can be used as a vase or simply for decoration on your mantelpiece. Its wide top tapers down at the base, giving it a striking geometric style. The bottom half of the vessel has a deeper texture, with scratched back lines.

  • A miniature size bud vase. This handcrafted ceramic vessel has a white matt exterior with thin grey lines scratched into it surface giving it a subtle texture. The glazed interior makes it perfect to hold a single bud. Small in size, it would fit in the palm of your hand.

  • This miniature ceramic vessel is a dark inky blue in colour tone. A very cute little bud vase perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself. It has a matt dark blue exterior with a fine textured surface  and a glazed white interior. The design takes its inspiration from nature.

  • A large ceramic vessel perfectly suited for use as a vase with a glazed interior. This bottle neck vase has a white matt exterior with fine grey lines scratched into the surface giving it a delicate texture. A modern Scandinavian design for your home.

  • Two tone ceramic vase with thin lines scratched into the white matt surface revealing the grey undertones. This Scandinavian ceramic vessel is handcrafted, with a wide bulbous base and a narrow neck. The glazed interior means you can use it as a vase.

  • A modern Scandinavian ceramic vase in yellow and white colour tones. This two tone vase has a white matte exterior with scraped back textures to a yellow undertone. A beautiful handcrafted piece to display on your shelves or hold a posy of flowers in.

  • A beautiful decorative ceramic plate, perfect for displaying your collection of ceramic bud vases on. The plate has an organic tear drop shape, with a two tones grey and white surface and radiating lines from the plates centre.

  • This ceramic guinea fowl would make a beautiful addition to any home. They come in 4 shapes and sizes and they only like to live indoors! This guinea fowl is a lovely mix of blue tones. A beautiful ceramic piece that would make a lovely gift for mum, celebrate a big birthday or treat someone special this Christmas.  

  • A turquoise and black hand painted ceramic guinea fowl. Each ceramic piece is hand made in France. Designed for indoor use only, bring some of the countryside into your new kitchen. these guinea fowl look stunning on a mantelpiece or as a statement piece on your bookshelf.   

  • A cobalt blue ceramic guinea fowl. Gifts for your home. Start your collection of guinea fowl now, these hand painted ceramic guinea fowl come in many colours and 4 different shapes. You can pick a small one or go big.

  • A green and cobalt colour guinea fowl. This ceramic guinea fowl would make a perfect wedding gift for the couple who have everything. A statement piece for their new home, these guinea fowl look wonderful displayed on your mantelpiece or add the finishing touch to your new kitchen.

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