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  • Indulge yourself with this beautifully crafted bath brush. A long timber handle means it works really well as a back brush. Made from oiled beechwood with a light bristle to exfoliate and leave you clean and refreshed.

  • A bath thermometer. This cleverly designed little thermometer floats in the water so you can read the temperature easily.  Maximum temperature 50C

  • A blue and white ceramic soap dish. Hand painted in a traditional pattern, with tiny flowers. Pair with one of our scented soaps to give as a gift to mum. A pretty hostess gift or small token for a new home gift. You can also match it with our ceramic beaker here

  • A handy little brush for cleaning your boot soles. Brush dirt off your hiking boots using the side with the coarse bristles. For narrower spaces, like between the cleats on soccer boots use the extra hard side with only one row of bristles. For the extra stubborn dirt and stones you can use the stainless steel tool on the side of the brush

  • A bottle brush, perfect for cleaning soda bottles, reusable drinks bottles and even baby bottles. 38cm log, ideal for tall glass bottles and vases too. 8cm diameter

  • A round, large, bread fermenting basket made from a rattan reed material.  Suitable for breads up to 1500 g To give your homemade bread shape and structure, let the dough rise in a well-floured fermenting basket. In this way it retains its shape, is supplied with sufficient oxygen and makes your bread especially light and airy.  

  • A miniature brush key fob for your key ring. 

  • A pet grooming brush for your cat. A lovely gift for a cat owner or for Mr Cat himself!

  • Natural protection from moths. Cedar wood hangers for your wardrobe. Natural household solutions for an eco friendly home. 

  • A waxed olivewood child's hair brush. Suitable for ages 1 and upwards. The soft light bristles are perfect for thicker hair of young children. You can find our baby brushes here . This wooden hairbrush would make a lovely first birthday present, a gift for your child or favourite niece or nephew.

  • A set of five different sized cleaning brushes for your kitchen and household cleaning. Cotton tipped ends on each brush make them suitable for gentle cleaning. Flexible wire handles to clean those hard to find spots. Bottle brushes to clean your glass and decanters.

  • Decanter Brush. With a specially slanted neck so that the brush can clean into the trickiest parts of your glass decanters and other vases. It both cleans and dries, with its cotton tip and natural bristles.

  • Dog grooming brush. A waxed beechwood dog brush to keep your pet well groomed. Another great addition to our pets section here at the blue door.

  • Clean your coffee maker with this espresso cleaning brush. Made from oiled thermowood with stiff black bristles to keep your espresso machine in tip top shape. A great gift for coffee addicts.

  • An extra long extendable cobweb duster for those very hard to reach spots in your home. Brilliant for dusting tall ceilings and in stairways and halls. Made from horsehair head and an aluminium handle. The handle extends out from 1.5m all the way to 4 metres long. It also comes in a smaller size here

  • An elegant duster to add to your home cleaning routine. This goat-hair duster had a beautifully turned timber handle. The goats hair duster head has two holes for the handle so you can change the angle to get into those hard to reach spots.

  • The perfect little brush to clean your hairbrush with. made from oiled beech wood with strong light bristles.

  • The perfect pocket sized hairbrush for your handbag. Made from a beautifully oiled pearwood this little hairbrush will last you many years.

  • This duster is made from lambswool. The natural lanolin present in the lambswool means it attracts dust without needing to use any chemicals. Perfect for an eco friendly home. Its soft finish makes it perfect for dusting delicate household items as it won't scratch any fine surfaces. Use it to clean vases and china.

  • A double brush of goats hair and black bristles. This little brush is an essential purchase for anyone with a laptop or keyboard. The computer brush folds out into two brushes. One softer bristled goats hair the other a harder bristle. Use the little laptop brush to clean your keyboard. A great gift for all computer geeks.

  • A handy brush with an extra long handle to clean your lawnmower with.

  • Lint and pet hair brush.  The perfect present for house proud animal lovers. Remove unwanted animal hairs from your clothes and furnishings  without damaging fabrics. A great gift for pet owners.

  • A long feather duster made from ostrich feathers with a timber and leather handle. 110cm long, perfect for dusting cobwebs from ceilings and lampshades and high, hard to reach places.  Beautifully finished with a leather trim and made from incredibly soft Ostrich feathers. The natural static attracts the dust - to clean you just shake out the window.

  • A medium length feather duster made from ostrich feathers with a timber and leather handle. 90cm long, perfect for dusting shelving and picture frames.  Beautifully finished with a leather trim and made from incredibly soft Ostrich feathers. The natural static attracts the dust - to clean you just shake out the window. It also comes in a longer 110cm...

  • A soft ostrich feather key fob. A lovely little addition to any gift. Practical and soft to the touch too. A skin flatterer that doubles up as a key chain.

  • Rice straw broom, with an extra long 1.5m handle for maximum ease of use. As rice straw does not absorb water this broom is perfect for sweeping leaves and straw. A natural eco friendly broom for your garden and yard.

  • A dark thermowood hairbrush with wild boar bristle. A high quality hair brush with ten rows of bristles. The round structure of the brush is perfect for styling your hair while you brush. The wild boar bristles are also extremely heat resistant, perfect for blow drying.

  • A self standing dust brush ideal for sensitive surfaces. The goats hair bristles make this little dust brush perfect for cleaning delicate items like fine china or decorations.

  • A brush to clean your silver with. Use dry and brush back and forth across your silverware to get  them sparkling in no time. An eco friendly cleaning solution for your silverware. 

  • A small 50cm feather duster for general house hold dusting. An unusual present for the ultimate duster!! Beautifully finished with a leather trim and made from incredibly soft Ostrich feathers. The natural static attracts the dust - to clean you just shake out the window. It also comes in a medium and long size 

  • A natural fibre soap sack to use up your leftover soap remnants. An eco friendly way to use any leftover soap remains. For the eco conscious home. Sisal with cotton rope.

  • A beautifully crafted dustpan and brush set. Timber handled brush and dustpan. An elegant addition to any home. Its long handle enables easy sweeping.

  • An extendable cobweb duster for those hard to reach spots in your home. Horsehair head and an aluminium handle that extends out to 2 metres in length. It also comes in a longer size here

  • Thermowood waterproof bath brush. A long handled timber bath brush, works perfectly as a back brush. Self care body products that make great gifts from her. Give mum the treat of this lovely timber back brush.

  • A timber back scratcher with a hand design on one end and a leather loop to hang on the other.

  • A timber vegetable brush in a cute fish shape. Excellent for cleaning both delicate and tough skinned vegetables as it has a combination of both tambico and union fibres.     

  • A clever little brush to clean your Velcro hook and loops. It will remove any dirt and fluff that has gathered on your Velcro and will keep them working longer.

  • Easy cleaning of venetian blinds - 4 fins at a time not 1!

  • A clever brush designed to clean your wine glasses. Get your wine glasses sparkling clean and save yourself lots of hassle. Household cleaning solutions to make your life easier. Pair this with a bottle of wine for a thoughtful hostess gift.

  • Baby's first hair brush. A beautifully hand crafted timber hair brush designed specifically for babies up to 1 years old. Soft goat hair bristles make it ideal for young babies. Give as a Christening present, a baby shower gift or buy for your first born to keep as a memento for years to come.

Showing 1 - 42 of 42 items

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