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  • A lightweight and beautifully designed wool pouffe. A modern Swedish design in a range of 4 colours. The perfect addition to your living room, move them easily to where they are needed, rest your feet and relax in style. The cover is removable for easy cleaning. Scandinavian foot stool in cream, grey, brown or black.

  • A long rectangular mirror available in both black or white. This long narrow mirror makes a stunning addition to any hallway or living room. Hang it lengthways at the end of a hall or landscape style on your bedroom wall. Multiple possibilities for this stunning design piece. It has a deep slanted frame narrowing in towards the mirror.

  • Can you spot the cow? A modern style drum lampshade with a hidden cow illustration in its pattern. Yellow ochre in colour, it is available in 3 sizes. The simple lampshade style will suit any home or room, perfect for a bedside table or a standing lamp in your living room. Comes with a standard lampshade fitting.

  • A stylish solution to bathroom storage. Hang your brushes and bathroom goods from the top spokes of the rack.

  • This eye catching bamboo chair would be a stylish addition to any garden seating. Designed as outdoor seating they would look just as well inside your home. With a comfy, wide seat to relax into and a sturdy woven back support you'll want to sit in your new bamboo chair for hours on end!

  • Log storage and a table. Now that's what we call clever design. Combining a space to store your fire logs and a table in one piece. Perfect for beside your log stove or fireplace. A modern, stylish storage solution for your fire logs.

  • Our firelighter box. The perfect storage solution for those not so pretty (or clean) firelighters. It will perfectly fit your firelighters and has a handy hinged lid for easy opening. A great little housewarming gift for a new home.

  • An elegant metal fire screen. A simple clean line design in black metal. This fire screen will protect you and your carpet from flying sparks or embers while still letting you enjoy the warm glow of the open fire.

  • Beautiful Felted Wool Basket

  • Beautiful wicker Log Basket - 2 sizes

  • For fires and barbeques - a good way to get that fire going without burning your lips!

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