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Storage solutions for your home. From ladder shelves, to wall hooks and shoe lockers. Stylish home storage solutions for a modern home. 

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  • This woven storage basket is made from 100% organic jute. It is a soft thistle green colour and comes in two sizes. A beautiful and practical addition to your home. Perfect for storing shoes, laundry and lots more.

  • Stylish home storage. These organic jute storage baskets come in two size, perfect for storing spare clothes, bathroom storage or for all those children's shoes by the front door. This basket is in a modern black and white two tone colour scheme.

  • Practical home storage with style. These and white grey  storage baskets are made from 100% organic jute. They are woven, with a two tone finish on both inside and out. They come in two sizes and are ideal for storing spare jumpers, books, bathroom toiletries and lots more.

  • This storage basket is made by weaving strands of dark and light brown cotton strands together. It has two handle slots to make it easy to carry. A great little home storage solution.

  • Simple cotton baskets in three sizes. Made by weaving cotton strands together to create a strong durable basket. Light grey in colour, these baskets are a smart and simple storage solution for any room in your home. From spare shoes to magazines or the toilet rolls!

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