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  • An adjustable table lamp in a classic soft white colour tone. This metal table lamp with its modern style and simple lines is perfect as a desk lamp, fro reading by or by your bedside.  

  • This modern style LED lamp is both versatile, stylish and adaptable to several different uses. Battery powered, meaning it can used anywhere with no need to be plugged in, except when charging. Use as a table lamp, or you can remove the top and sit it like a bowl or use the cord provided to hang it. To turn on and off or adjust the lamp strength simply...

  • A portable lantern lamp that you can recharge using usb charging port. Bring it with you on camping trips, this modern style lamp is designed to be used outdoors. You can use the timber handle to hang it for overhead lighting too. Perfect for illuminating those late summer evenings. 

  • Matt painted metal floor lamp with a small footprint, great for compact areas. Available in two colors.

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