Home goods for your kitchen and dining room. Adding style and function to your kitchen with a beautiful range of table and kitchen linen.

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  • A stunning earthenware pitcher with a colourful yellow lemons pattern across its surface. Perfect for use as a water jug, flower vase and definitely a statement piece in any home.  Also part of the collection are the lemons salad bowl here and the lemons platter here.

  • The distinctive oystercatcher , with its orange bill and black and white body is the centre piece of this large earthenware pitcher. A beautiful piece for both practical and display purposes. Use it as a water (or wine!) jug or the pitchers also make gorgeous flower vases.

  • This earthenware salad bowl features a beautiful large scale artichoke design. A stunning gift for any wedding, new home, or for yourself! Also in this collection is the serving platter here

  • This extra large serving dish, embellished with beautiful yellow lemons, is a stunning centrepiece to any table. Also in the Lemons collection is the pitcher HERE and the smaller serving platter HERE and the salad bowl here.  

  • A large 10 litre capacity compost bin perfect for the busy home kitchen. This smart charcoal grey compost bucket has a removable inner bucket, making it super simple to empty. An air tight lid seal to keep any smells inside.

  • A salt and pepper set in granite and marble. The dark polished granite is perfect for pepper while the smooth light marble looks perfect filled with crisp sea salt. The set of pots come with two bamboo spoons.

  • Sea blue big paisley pattern tablecloth. a lovely grey blue tablecloth that is 170cm wide x 270cm long. Made using a traditional block printing technique

  • A deep navy blue big paisley pattern tablecloth. Generous size of 170cm wide x 270cm long. This range of tablecloths are made using a traditional block printing technique

  • A pale rose pink tablecloth with a traditional block printed pattern.   This cotton tablecloth is  170cm wide x 270cm long.

  • An ochre yellow tablecloth with a traditional block printed pattern. Paradise Lion pattern.   This cotton tablecloth is  170cm wide x 270cm long.

  • A very cute egg cosy that also doubles up as an Easter decoration. This hand felted Easter bunny was made in Nepal. While it is designed as the perfect size to keep your egg warm this cute little guy also makes a perfect Easter decoration for your home.

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