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  • The squirrel feeder is filled with nuts and seeds that the squirrel can see through the window. Being clever and inquisitive, they sit on the ledge and lift the lid with their heads to eat. The lid then closes after they go to prevent other animals and birds from eating the food.

  • This bird feeder cleverly feeds different foods from seeds and apples to suet balls. It is suited for seeds as it has an insert and is a specially developed dispenser. It is possible to take out the insert and use it for apples or suet balls instead. Avoid uninvited guests by hanging up the seed dispenser to fend off larger birds.

  • This beautiful bird feeder from Sweden that converts into a nesting box is suitable for year-round enjoyment. Made of wood, this bird feeder can dispense two types of bird food simultaneously. It will keep the food dry while the nest is ventilated to prevent chicks from overheating during warmer months. Lock the opening and assemble the pins to get started.

  • A clever way to mount your bird table outside your window for a beautiful view of the surrounding wildlife. An ingenious well designed swing arm bracket that allows you to securely mount your nesting box or bird table outside your window while still being able to open and close it. It is ideal for apartments or upstairs windows.

  • A three-part mounting post that is screwed together to make up a height of 120cm. Use it to mount a birdhouse, feeder, butterfly nest, or bee house. Each section is 43cm long. This black pole fits well into both the modern garden as well as rural settings. 

  • Solitary bees normally build nests in holes in old trees and stumps. With a reduction in natural habitats, you can increase the number of bees in your garden by putting up a bee box. This red cottage bee box has carefully selected bamboo canes that are of the right size and shape for solitary bees that pollinate berry bushes and fruit trees.

  • Help save the bees with this pretty yellow bee box for your garden. A Bee Nest in your garden boosts your flowers and fruit trees! By putting up a Bee Nest we can contribute to improving the chances of the survival of this threatened species of bee.

  • A bird feeder and nesting box in the De Stijl modernist architectural style. With the three primary colours and geometric shapes both horizontal and vertical, this is a birdhouse that will stand out from the crowd. It will keep the food dry while the nest is ventilated to prevent chicks from overheating during warmer months. Lock the opening and assemble...

  • GIANT Silo Barn – The Extra Spacious Bird Feeder A traditional Swedish barn with two spacious silos attracts birdlife to your garden.

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