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  • Hairbrush Cleaning Set. A set of two mini brushes to clean your hairbrushes and combs with. Both the little tools have been designed to remove hairs and clean your brushes without damaging them. An eco friendly cleaning solution.

  • A beard brush in a quirky moustache shape. It is made from oiled beechwood with extra strong bristles. The best little gift for the bearded man in your life.

  • A handy little brush for cleaning your boot soles. Brush dirt off your hiking boots using the side with the coarse bristles. For narrower spaces, like between the cleats on soccer boots use the extra hard side with only one row of bristles. For the extra stubborn dirt and stones you can use the stainless steel tool on the side of the brush

  • Goodbye crumbs.....hello Hedgehogs!

  • A miniature size bud vase. This handcrafted ceramic vessel has a white matt exterior with thin grey lines scratched into it surface giving it a subtle texture. The glazed interior makes it perfect to hold a single bud. Small in size, it would fit in the palm of your hand.

  • This miniature ceramic vessel is a dark inky blue in colour tone. A very cute little bud vase perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself. It has a matt dark blue exterior with a fine textured surface  and a glazed white interior. The design takes its inspiration from nature.

  • A small ceramic bud vase. The matt white exterior is decorated with small blue dots that run in vertical lines around the surface. A glazed interior means you can use it to hold a single bud. Scandinavian ceramics inspired by nature.

  • Fish Design Paper Napkins. party napkins for a nautical themed party. 20 napkins per pack, three layer thick paper napkins,  

  • Heart Design Paper Napkins. 3 layer thick paper napkins, 20 per pack. Red and white colour tones.

  • Graphic Circle Pattern paper napkins. Bright colour tones, circles in reds, pinks, greens and candy colours. 3 layer thick paper napkins, 20 napkins per pack. 

  • A beautiful natural fragrance scented candle of sea salt and sage. Made from soy wax, these candles come in two sizes, a 4oz or 10oz. The scented candles are in concrete vessels painted a dusky pink. A subtle elegant colour to match the natural scented candle inside. The candles come boxed, making them perfect gifts.

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