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  • An adjustable angled head on your cobweb duster for getting into corners and hard to reach spaces. This cobweb duster comes with a choice of two extendable handles. The 'smaller' duster extends to 2 metres and the extra long cobweb duster for those really high ceilings extends out to 4 metres high.

  • Three part mounting post that is screwed together to make up a height of 120cm. Use it to mount your Birdhouses & Feeders, Butterfly Nest or Bee Houses. Each section is 43cm long.

  • Ostrich feather dusters in three sizes. A small 50cm feather duster for general house hold dusting and longer handled dusters to get at taller cobwebs and higher ceilings. An unusual present for the ultimate duster!! Beautifully finished with a leather trim and made from incredibly soft Ostrich feathers. The natural static attracts the dust - to clean you...

  • Beautiful bird feeders from Sweden that convert into nesting boxes in the spring...

  • This wooden toast tongs a practical little gadget to get your toast out of the toaster without bruning your fingers. A A great little add on gift to bring as house warming presents. Eco friendly kitchen gadgets.

  • Larch natural weathering Eco Chair - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. No painting.

  • Beautiful bird feeders from Sweden that convert into nesting boxes in the spring...

  • Ceramic olive oil pourers in a lovely range of colours. They have a metal pouring spout to prevent drips. Match them up with our range of French ceramics to give as housewarming gifts or stocking fillers. A great gift for a new kitchen, adding a dash of colour to any room scheme.

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  • Brilliant shelf unit that fits anywhere - perfect for the tidy up - NO DIY!

  • There is no moving this baby! A heavy weight granite door stop perfect for even the heaviest of doors. A minimalist house silhouette design, paired with a sturdy hemp rope to move it into place. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 286 items

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