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Inspiring photos:

Take a look at some of these pictures for some interesting interiors ideas that all use products from The Blue Door – ask us about anything that you see. Please quote the image reference. 

Ref: 1
Scandinavian Bed linen and bed covers for all bed sizes

Ref: 3

Tablecloths - Measure your tabletop and allow at least another 12 inches / 30 cm overhang.

Ref: 4

Cosy natural woollen throws for indoor & outdoor cosy factor - not just a design accent.

Ref: 5

Many wonderful cushion & throw combinations.

Visit the shop for as much help as you need on combinations.

Ref: 6

Give that conservatory a lift with plain cushions in cotton, velvet, silk

or stonewashed linen

Ref: 7

Combine a contemporary and traditional looks and it can work...

Ref: 8

Who says children don't appreciate design!

Ref: 10

Ref: 11

Aprons, Tea Towels for all sizes!!

Ref: 12

A clutter buster! Oak ladder shelf, available in two widths,

NO DIY - just lean against the wall.

Move it from room to room. Ideal in tight spaces.

Ref: 13

A blanket weight woollen throw, with a strong reversible design

& blanket stitched edge,can be dramatic.

Ref: 15

Stonewashed linen cushions - the texture is wonderful.

Ref: 16

Silk and cotton cushion combinations

Ref: 17

Ref: 18

In the cool of the evening a natural woollen fringed throw is perfect

Ref: 19

Ref: 20

Are we cosy or what! Woollen throws to hand are always welcome..

Ref: 21

Our planters have found many other good uses as well! 

"Cafe du Journal" next door (brilliant coffee) also uses a big one to hold umbrellas!

Ref: 22

Not just in the house but for holidays houses and the deck as well.

Ref: 023

The "Ringar" red natural wool throw with reversed design

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